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Welcome to The House of Cigars.

We proudly represent the fusion of the past and the future in each hand rolled cigar we create.


The Past

At the House of Cigars, we celebrate the combination of two separate lines of family history in cigar making within each cigar we produce. The unique blends created here reflect the family tradition of both the Santaliz family of Puerto Rico and the Brito family of Cuba.

Our cigars carry within them many generations of knowledge and tradition in the art of superior handcrafting, as supervised by Master Rollers Sr. Addit Brito and Sr. Pedro Vasquez. Also in the subtle craft of blending and tasting by Sr. Ramon Luis Martinez Santaliz.

You can read more about their histories on the “Our Story“. Suffice it to say here that our rich family heritage mandates that our house blends incorporate superior grade tobacco from around the world, that each cigar is handmade using traditional, authentic Cuban techniques, and that our blends are fresh, exotic, aromatic, and deliciously unique.

The Future

Hand Rolled CigarsThe modern twist comes forward in the unique, exotic combinations of tobacco leaves we create in our micro-factory. Our blending program is avant-garde in every way. We are dedicated to creating mini-vintages of cigars. We create special custom blends for our clients! We create special custom blends for ourselves! We avoid combinations that are already available in other lines.

Most importantly, we fill the gaps we see in the market by addressing today’s palate for highly aromatic cigars that boast clean, smooth finishes and never bother the stomach or throat with a bitter, acid aftertaste. We are proud to say that the biggest complaint we have about our cigars is that folks are burning the ends of their fingers because they just can’t put them down.

The House of Cigars retail store is a family owned, casual-elegant shop catering to experienced connoisseurs as well as new cigar aficionados. If you ever find yourself in our area, please stop by so we can greet you in person. Our micro-factory and retail store are located on 13901 Midway Rd #110  Dallas, Texas 75244

For members of our Cigar Club, our shop is also open 24/7 via Internet. As a member, this convenient feature allows you to buy their favorite cigars directly from your location, be it around the corner or around the world.